Welcome to AGI - the American Goat Initiative


The American goat industry is a unique part of rural America that provides real potential for economic growth, creating jobs, establishing and growing small businesses. Goats provide a number of sustainable benefits including converting low quality forage into valuable protein and other products for human consumption. The American Goat Federation was organized in 2010 to provide structure, stability and direction for the entire industry but has never had funding. AGF works with ARS, APHIS and the other USDA offices to provide information about and assist with activities involving goat producers.

Goats leave a very small footprint on the environment. They are the perfect weed control for national forests and other conserved areas, as well as for privately owned land such as airports. They can be raised on ground that otherwise cannot be used.

Growth of the American goat industry is held back by lack of research, lack of slaughter facilities handling goats, and lack of government funding such as what is provided for other livestock species. The American Goat Federation does as much as possible with limited financial resources, but it isn’t enough.

With these inadequacies in mind, the American Goat Federation established a national goat center, named the American Goat Initiative as a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation.

Mission Advance the US Goat Industry through collection and distribution of funds to find and support and/or provide Education, Scientific Research and Collaboration through public funds, grants and donations.

Vision Improve industry knowledge, vision and growth by educating producers, processors, distributors, marketers, consumers and stakeholders.  Increase efficient production while ensuring product safety and food security by supporting and coordinating scientific research projects that meet the A.G.I. Mission.


Operations Statement A.G.I. is a non-profit foundation that serves as an independent arm of the American Goat Federation (AGF) under the management of its own Trustees with its own bank account.  The non-profit corporation conducts its own business and is accountable to AGF only for finances with an annual full report of its activities.  The AGF Office provides administrative support for AGI at cost as requested.  No less than 3 and no more than 7 Trustees are appointed by the AGF Board of Directors and serve staggered two year terms or until replaced.  The first year trustees’ terms will be adjusted to insure staggered terms.



  • Solicit tax deductible donations for use in fulfilling the AGI Mission.
  • Support scientific research and stakeholder education in goat science and technology.
  • Select and coordinate scientific research in market development, production, environmental and other industry areas as identified by the trustees and stakeholder input.
  • Promote increased sustainable production through education, scientific research, and other efforts.
  • Promote responsible practices in animal husbandry and environmental stewardship through education.
  • Increase consumer knowledge through education.
  • Provide industry direction and leadership.



Tax deductible donations may be sent directly to the American Goat Initiative Office or made here on the website by following this link: